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Mark Cohen and Mimi Marquez

Title: The Toy By: pissimissi Rating: NC-17 Pairing:…

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Mark/Mimi by ME <lj user=pissiMissi />

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Title: The Toy
By: pissimissi
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mark/Mimi
Disclaimer: Characters © Jonathan Larson
Prompt: 016. Vibrators


“Are you sure about this?” Mark asked his voice caught in his throat. He was vulnerable in his position on the bed, on his hands and knees, his girlfriend behind him dress in a shiny leather dress.

“Of course I’m sure, why are you scared?” Her fingers lathered the toy over with lube, “It’s small, only six inches.”

“SMALL ?” He shivered, “Six inches is small?”

“Considering you are seven and Roger’s seven in a half, yes that’s small.”

“What does Roger have to do with this?” Mark whimpered feeling her finger first, rubbing the lube around his opening.

“I’m not an idiot, Marky, I know you two were together.”

“Nu uh ”

Ignoring him, Mimi pressed the tip of the toy against his puckered ass the young man stiffened at the touch, “You have to relax spread your legs a little more.” Brushing her hair behind her ears, Mimi smiled as he did this.

Closing his eyes, Mark’s face was burning, his body tingled nervous but excited at the same time. He was already very hard his stomach muscles tightened, “Mimi...”

She circled his opening with the toy before she began to press it into him.

“Ahh” He gasped shifting uncomfortably as it entered him his hands twisted in the sheets. Spreading his legs as best he could Mark moaned loudly, it was all the way in he had never felt so aware of that particular opening until now. His ass felt enormous compared to the rest of his body. Mark whimpered, “Oh my god.”

Mimi grinned, the boy’s body was shaking against this invasion, his legs trembled he looked beautiful. “Relax baby, there’s still a few more inches that need to go in.”

“What do you mean there’s more ?” He groaned suddenly feeling those last few inches that hadn’t quite made it in. His glasses fogged up, tears filling his eyes now he was completely full.

Smiling, her other hand wrapped around the end of the toy twisting it hard activating the vibration.

Mark’s eyes went wide. “Oh. My. God. MIMI ” The vibration racked across his spine he felt like he was going to collapse, he felt the pressure build as she pressed the toy deeper thrusting it against his sweet spot. He felt as though his body would break in half she was brutal, slamming it in and out in and out.

She continued this motion pulling the toy in and out of him, leaning up Mimi slipped her arm around him and laced her fingers around his erection her hand immediately pumping it up and down.

Nearly screaming Mark moved back and forth with the motions of the girl. His heart sped up hammering in his chest as she moved harder and harder, faster and faster. The vibration racked against his spine again forcing the orgasm from him.

His juices were hot against her fingers, Mimi pulled them away and licked it off. “Mmm.”

Mark collapsed against the bed breathing hard, he whimpered as she pulled turned the vibrator off and slid it out of him slowly. He felt strange, empty, he missed the feeling of being full to the point of breaking.

“Now was that so bad?” She giggled.
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