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Mark Cohen and Mimi Marquez

Title: A Secret Between Us By: pissimissi Pairing: Mark/Mimi…

A Secret Love: Mark and Mimi Supporters

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Title: A Secret Between Us
By: pissimissi
Pairing: Mark/Mimi
Rated: R
Disclaimer: Characters © Jonathan Larson
Summary: The story of Mark Cohen and Mimi Marquez's secret romance.

- - - - - - - - - -

Chapter Twelve: How Much More Time?

Mimi’s POV

Silence in his very expensive black Range Rover, my hands were shaking so bad the rest of me was twitching a little. Nerves I guessed. “She seemed a little off last week,” I said, anything to break the silence between us. “I didn’t think anything of it, she’s always okay,” my voice cracked warm tears filled my eyes.

Benny’s hand moved towards my thigh, I pulled away suddenly, “I’m just opening the glove department, Mimi, there’s napkins in there clean yourself up. You’ll won’t be helping Angel if you’re crying for her.”

My fingers touched his moving for the napkins it was only a brush an exchange that could go one of two ways I would able to get the napkins and wipe my eyes or he would squeeze my hand and kiss me which he did in one movement. It was a familiar touch, something I would find myself up half the night waiting for, but there was no joy in it. Not anymore. He was using me, for what right then I wasn’t completely sure. Allison probably wasn’t putting out anymore, he was trying to piss Roger off, Mark would get a kick out of this....

Then it hit me. If something happened to Angel, I would have no one to share my secret about Mark. Not only things with Mark but everything she and I shared would be gone. Forever.

I pushed Benny away, still on the road, he was a master at handling the Rover. “You’re insane,” I muttered he didn’t respond.

The hospital was in sight a wave of nausea came over me my mouth watered. “Benny, stop the car.” I barely had time to open the car door when he stopped. Everything I had eaten in the last two weeks seemed to be on the road next to the car. My nose was running my vision blurry, when it was all finally over Benny was standing next to me and gave me some napkins to wipe my mouth.

“You’re having a reaction Mimi what did you use this time?”

I glared up at him, “I haven’t been using anything months, you asshole,” spitting what was left in my mouth at him I stood up, “What makes you think I’m using?”

“Get in the car.”

I sighed and got in with him, “I’m not using I’m doing something better with my life now.” With Mark I’m happy with him I would never a drug to be happy with him.

“You’re a stripper in a flea-bag club what a wonderful life you lead.”

I pulled myself into a ball as best I could in the passenger seat, the rotten taste of bile still in my mouth I stared out the window gritting my teeth so hard I was sure they would break.

- - - - - - - - -

The hospital

Mark’s POV

Collins was crying the waiting room the doctors wouldn’t allow him back to see Angel because he wasn’t blood related. They were in the process of contacting her family. Roger was slouching in a chair by the wall without a word to anyone. Joanne would be there later that night, she and Maureen were no longer speaking as of a week before. However Maureen had called and said to call her once Joanne had left she said it made her ‘uncomfortable’ to be in a place of mourning with ex-girlfriend. I rolled my eyes, Maureen was born with the ability to turn any and every situation in the world around to make it about her.

I saw Mimi and Benny outside in a cloud of smoke with two other women I didn’t know, Mimi didn’t look so well. I set my bag down and ran out to join them.

“How is she?” Mimi asked before anyone else spoke. She had dark circles under her eyes I noticed them as she came in close to hug me a one armed hug, I was forcing myself to hold back from the hug as well. My body ached to throw my arms around her hold her tightly against me and take away her pain. I pressed my lips against her neck secretly. It happened so fast no one else could have saw me.

“They’re not letting anyone see her the doctors are trying to get in touch with relatives, Collins is a mess.” It felt strange that I wasn’t more emotional, seeing Mimi struggle to keep from crying while she smoked a cigarette didn’t have the affect on me it should have.

“Mark, this is Angel’s mother, Miranda and Angel’s older sister Chelsea.”

I shook both of their hands not quite sure what to say. What could I say? The sister could have been Angel’s twin minus the nose jewelry and blue highlights. Miranda was a little shorter then Angel. She had never talked about her family at least not with me.

Benny’s cell phone rang, “I have to go.” I assured him that Mimi would get home safely.

“Is it alright if we go in?” Miranda asked, “Mimi, are you coming with us? You know you will always family to us.”

It occurred to me then that there was a lot about Mimi’s past I didn’t know, not that Roger or even Benny knew more then I did but....I still didn’t feel right.

“Uh? Oh. Yeah I’m fine, Miranda I’m just going to finish this I’ll be right in.” She flicked her ashes into the trash can.

I watched the two of them go into the hospital, “Are you okay?” It was a stupid question to ask.

Mimi didn’t say anything she sat down on the sidewalk crushing her cigarette by her foot. “I’ve been better.”

I sat down with her, she leaned against my shoulder I felt her fingers lace with mine between our bodies rubbing my thumb with hers. I didn’t want to bring up Angel even though she was on everyone’s mind so I stayed quiet mentally kicking myself for no being more help to her.

Thankfully Mimi was the one to finally break the silence.

“How’s Roger?” She asked nonchalantly.

“He’s not home very much anymore. Planning his move to Sante Fe.”


“Yeah or so he says.”

Our hands stayed clasped together during the trivial conversations we shared afterwards, nothing of real importance both just happy to hear the other’s voice. She held onto my hand so tight it was as if she thought the moment she let go we would be separated forever. I held on to hers just as tightly.

- - - - - - - - - -
Mimi’s POV

“We better go inside,” he said standing up.

“No.” I grabbed the sleeve of his jacket, “Not yet.” Going inside meant facing the fact my best friend in the whole world was dying.


I stood to his level he gave me the most heartbreaking look his forehead a little wrinkled his blue eyes glassy like he was going to cry. He didn’t. Mark never cried. I pulled him against me just staring into those eyes for the longest time. Our lips met, gentle at first but intensified as the seconds passed. His arms wrapped around my waist so tight I just wanted to melt into him and never be away from him again.

- - - - - -


- Angel’s mother (Miranda) and older sister (Chelsea) are original characters. Both of them have small cameos in a pre-Rent fic called ‘Halloween’ that I wrote last year. Angel’s father will remain nameless.

- And soon to come...Mimi’s younger brother (Sid) he is also an original character, Sid has come up many times in ‘Mimi’s Die-ary’ which I will no longer post on fanfiction sites due to lack of interest. To read more about the original characters and possible spoilers for this fic go to h t t p : / / a d d i c t e d - 2 l i f e . l i v e j o u r n a l . c o m REMOVE ALL SPACES.

Thanks for reading.
  • Awwww, poor Mimi.

    Marky wants to cuddle her.
  • hey

    It's me Devon, from fanfic.net, and deviant art, you don't know how much i love your work! seriously...you don't, but hey im only 13 and i take it you're much older. Anyway, i hadn't realized that you're such a big fan of Anthony/ and mark/mimi, that i am. but whatever, i have a do you have a myspace? comment me back if you can.
    • Re: hey

      Thank you very much for the ego boost. Yes, Mark/Mimi is the only reason I stayed connected to the RENT fandom. Yes I have a myspace. There's a link to it in my journal.
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