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Mark Cohen and Mimi Marquez

Chapter 14

A Secret Love: Mark and Mimi Supporters

Mark/Mimi by ME <lj user=pissiMissi />

Chapter 14

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Title: A Secret Between Us
By: pissimissi
Pairing: Mark/Mimi
Rated: R
Disclaimer: Characters © Jonathan Larson
Summary: The story of Mark Cohen and Mimi Marquez's secret romance.

Chapter Fourteen: Breaking the habit

Mark’s POV

I couldn’t cry at the service. Angel was there for us when no one else knew. What kind of person doesn’t cry at their friend’s memorial?

Benny paid for the whole thing, Roger left after that. Joanne was able to patch things up with Maureen.

“Let’s go drinking.” Chelsea offered up as we left the cemetery, but not after receiving a death glare from her mother.

“You’re not old enough,” Miranda said.

“Mom, Angel would want us to celebrate her life.” The girl exchanged glances with Collins who seemed eager for a long night of heavy drinking.

I felt Mimi nudge me with her elbow, “Miranda, I’m walking everyone home, I don’t drink much. I’ll make sure your daughter gets home safe.”

The older woman shook her head, “You can’t go…” A little smile spread across her face, “unless I’m allowed to join you.”

Miranda paid for everything. Collis started everyone off with some stoli before getting into the harder stuff; I only had a few wine coolers then ended up splitting them with Chelsea. Miranda shocked everyone downing two shots of vodka she and Collins really hit it off exchanging stories with Angel, Miranda even went as far as showing off baby pictures of our dearly departed friend.

There was a picture of Mimi and Angel clad in plastic jewelry lipstick and dark green eye make-up all over their faces. Mimi asked if she could have it between drinks, Miranda slid the photo across the table to her. She stuffed it into a hidden pocket beneath her skirt. She leaned her head against my shoulder while she downed a glass of Scotch she drank it smoothly without wincing, something I could never do.

“Mama kept a lot of it around,” she said pouring herself another glass, “Learned from the best.”

Hours later I walked her home. She cried most of the way recreating a story of a Halloween she shared with Angel when they went as Sonny and Cher that was the night Angel’s dad kicked her out. After Mimi had calmed down and taken a lukewarm shower I made her hot some tea. She sat on the floor next our bed a blanket wrapped around her; her hair was still damp from the shower and starting to curl. She looked beautiful despite the swelling around her eyes.

“I love you, Mark.” She said taking the cup in her shaking hands.

I sat down next to her wrapping my arm around her shoulders. “I love you too, Meems.” I kissed her cheek and then her lips the lemony taste of the tea clung to her lips.

- - - - - -

Mimi’s POV

Mark was still sleeping when I woke up.

I felt like I was dying.

I wrapped his scarf around my neck taking his glasses off of the night stand I put them on my head; he would have trouble finding me without them. His nose crinkled in his sleep. “I’m sorry…”

Lighting a candle I was able to find my way down stairs to my apartment. I kept an extra stash under the floorboards; shutting the door I lit another candle.

Mark’s POV

“Mimi?” The room was dark. I climbed out of bed, pulled on my boxers and my undershirt, “Mimi?”

Still no answer.

She had left the door open.

I ran downstairs to her loft, “Mimi, are you in there?” My heart was pounding hard I opened the door slowly I must have screamed her name because she was staring at me wide eyed her body thrashing about. In her fist was her needle, I was able to pull it away taking her into my arms everything seemed to go in slow motion.

“I can’t-I can’t!” Her eyes rolled back into her head.

I carried her to the couch, “Shit. Meems, stay with me!”
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